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Microbial Control Subcommittee

Activity goal

With the aim of disseminating microbial identification technology using MALDI-TOF MS, we will build and operate a database system to promote the sharing of spectral data in industry and to perpetuate this activity. Furthermore, we will disseminate information about the usefulness of this technology.

Activity content

We will continue to maintain and manage the system we have built and collect data. To further verify the possibility of microbial identification using MALDI-TOF MS, we will examine the possibility of serotype and strain identification.
Information obtained through these studies will be disseminated externally.

・MALDI-TOF MS database usage management

・Expansion of MALDI-TOF MS database

・Microbial identification based on mass spectrometry

・Development and sales of available software

・Technical support for MALDI-TOF MS microorganism identification

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