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privacy policy

Although we take great care in posting information on this site, we do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or anything else of the content.

The information posted on this site is only as of the time of posting, and as time passes, the posted information may no longer match the actual situation.

Please use this site at your own risk, as we do not take any responsibility. Please note that the content, structure, etc. of data on this site may be changed, modified, or discontinued without prior notice.

Basic policy regarding the proper handling of specific personal information

The organization has established this basic policy in order to work as an organization to ensure the appropriate handling of specific personal information, etc.

1. Business name

Microbial Control Technology Organization, General Incorporated Association

2. Compliance with related laws, guidelines, etc.

The organization complies with the "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify Specific Individuals in Administrative Procedures," the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," and the "Guidelines for the Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information (Business Operator Edition)." We will comply with these rules and handle specific personal information appropriately.

3. Matters regarding safety management measures

With regard to safety management measures for specific personal information, the organization will establish an organizational management system for the appropriate handling of specific personal information, taking into account the content and scale of the business, and will take measures to ensure the acquisition, use, storage, and provision of specific personal information. When deleting or disposing of personal information, we will comply with regulations and take sufficient measures to ensure proper handling.

4. Contact point for questions, complaints, etc.

The General Affairs Department will provide a point of contact for inquiries, complaints, and consultations regarding the handling of specific personal information at this organization, and we will respond appropriately and promptly and strive to resolve problems.

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